14 August 2008

See you at Fan Faire!

In about 7 hours I have to be at work to leave for Las Vegas and SOE's Fan Faire.

It's always a blast to talk to players and sit on panels where we answer questions about EverQuest II.

We're going to do something interesting this year for those who can't make it to Fan Faire. For the Community Address where Smed and various SOE producers show off cool new things, we're going to be providing an in-game Voice Chat channel to listen to. I worked heavily on EQII's Voice Chat and for one am very excited about this.

A little sad is that the Star Trek Experience is closing in less than a month. Fortunately, Fan Faire is at the Hilton this year, so I'll be sure to experience it and get some good pictures. Anyone who wants to buy me a Warp Core Breach won't be refused :)


Mikul said...

On the topic of FanFaire and also ingame Voice. Ok it was/is the most evil music playing currently over the CommunityAddress channel. But whats the possible options for a person being able to feed music /other audio files over a group/guild line etc.

Rosie : ) said...

I wish I was at fanfaire! :(

We will have to satisfy ourselves with all the cool things that will be revealed through the regular channels.