05 December 2007

Physics R Phun

These nifty little physics-based puzzle games have shown up on various lists at work:

Launchball lets you place tiles with different properties to get a ball to the goal. Some of the tiles provide power, some use power and some push the ball in different ways.

Crayon Physics is another ball-to-goal game but you draw shapes to apply force to the ball or guide it along its path.

The guy(s?) at Kloonigames are working on a Deluxe version of the Crayon Physics games that lets you use shapes and constructs other than boxes:

Both are a lot of fun and very addictive.

04 December 2007

Head the other Direction

You won't catch me taking my kids to see The Golden Compass. It's based on Philip Pullman's series of books subtly training children to reject God and deplore religion. Philip Pullman is probably the closest to an antithesis of C.S. Lewis that you can find and has been called The Most Dangerous Author in Britain.

I'll stick with C.S. Lewis' great classics which have entertained children and adults alike for over half a century. Speaking of which, Prince Caspian is in post-production for a release in May of next year. I'll see that instead.