28 September 2007

It finally came!

Back in March I placed an order for a certain LEGO set. Even though it wasn't supposed to ship until 10/01, it went ahead and showed up on my doorstep yesterday.

I haven't started building it yet, but based on how long the Death Star took, I'm guessing it'll be around the 20 hour mark before it's finished.

Here's some pics that I snapped:
DSC00100 DSC00101 DSC00102
DSC00104 DSC00105

19 September 2007

Avast, ye lubbers!

Arrr, so today be International Talk Like a Pirate day. If I be tellin' ye the truth, enjoy this day I did. Ne'er before have I participated in the festivities, but this year thar be rum a-plenty and a good dose of piratitude among me hearties.

If ye's were unaware or disinclined to take part in Talk Like a Pirate Day, forget it not next year, or ye'll be walkin' th' plank at the tip o' me cutlass! So, grab yer bonnie lass and yer grog and Talk Like a Pirate, lest ye be keelhauled! Arrr!

If ye can't wait to fill ye holds with swag, th' whisper on the wind says that somethin' is a'comin'. Roll out th' cannons and prepare for battle!

11 September 2007

Apparently, I'm a "Blood Snob"

A friend told me this, and truth be told, I like the title.

One of the things I like to do for the community is donate blood. I'm a universal donor with a blood type of O- so several agencies call me every 8 weeks trying to get me to come in. However, I'm fairly particular about which agency I donate blood with. Generally, it's the San Diego Blood Bank. They have several perks specifically designed to attract the <snobbery>blood donating elite such as myself</snobbery>:
  • Points awarded for each donation that can be spent in their online store (or donated back)
  • Online stat tracking (blood pressure, pulse, cholesterol, etc)
  • Levels of preference based on how often you donate
  • Awards (such as sports tickets)
  • Gallon tracker
  • etc.
Maybe it's an ego thing, but it's nice to whip out my Life Level 4 card and hear the trumpet fanfare and be raised on a pedestal in the spotlight... Ok, maybe all that doesn't happen, but there is some manner of recognition and the nurses are glad to have you there. The San Diego Blood Bank is doing it right and I'll be glad to see them again in another 8 weeks. Those other agencies should take notes.