19 August 2008

Fan Faire!

Well, Fan Faire is over and we had LOTS of fun. I'm sorry to everyone who wanted to come but didn't make it.

My Facebook friends will already know this, but I have pictures from Fan Faire and Star Trek: The Experience (curiously involving many Fan Faire friends) up at Facebook.

There were many highlights. Here's a list of some of my favorites (in no particular order):
  • The Guild Hall Panel
  • Alan's various shenanigans with fans up on stage
  • Closing down Quark's and the other bar with friends and fans
  • The costume contest
  • Transmitting the Community Address using in-game voice chat for the first time ever.
  • Seeing good friends like Brasse, Kendricke and many more!
  • Watching Greg lose some money at Blackjack.
  • The Karaoke Party
  • and many more!


Rosie : ) said...

Cool! Thank you for listing some extra stuff for us to look at now. :) I still wish I could have went, but such is life. :(

It must be nice to be back in the regularity of life? {just say yes to humour me ;)}

KC said...

Fan Faire was awesome!

Next year I'll actually get to sit down and have a talk with you lol, never quite got around to it this year, so much stuff going on there!

Btw Quarks was awesome, had a blast and it's really a damn shame they are closing the place. Hilton will have NOTHING left as far as perks go now. Nobody will go there =P

Did you guys have Warp Core Breaches? We did, they were super strong LOL
Great times had by all!
(btw the bartended looked a bit pissed off, i guess its living with the reality that he's going to lose his job in 2 weeks ><)

Anyways, Take care of yourself and yours, keep up the great work and see you around!