04 April 2008

nVidia 8800 Update

If you're following the current EQ2/nVidia 8800 continuing saga, here's an update:

nVidia finally contacted us (after seeing my previous blog post i might add). We're working with a technology evangelist there to get the problem resolved.

Since some people mentioned not having issues with Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, I started chatting with the VG team about ideas. Unfortunately the ideas that they've given me so far haven't panned out, but there's more to try.

Between both of these, we're definitely working on a solution. I'll keep you posted.

Update 4/16/2008: See latest update


Unknown said...

By lowering my Character LOD to minimal and World Texture to high from Maximum, it eliminated the shutter on my machine. Running Geforce 8800GT 512 on a nVidia 650I SLI MB.

I'll give you a DX dump if you want it.

Anonymous said...

I can't use maximum textures on Vista until the 3GB fix goes live, the 2GB address space on Vista just runs dry. After my experience this weekend I actually don't know how anyone could.

Elementalistly said...


Sorry, but that trick has not worked for my system..
E6600 clocked to 3Ghz, 3 gigs and an 8800GT with an X-Fi
Glad it helped yours

I am glad to see Nvidia get involved...that is a good start
Thanks guys for staying on this!

Anonymous said...

cd \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Common7\IDE
..\..\vc\bin\editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE "c:\program files\sony\everquest ii\everquest2.exe"

allows eq2 to see 3gb of mem

KC said...

(( My 8800 GTS has no troubles with EQ2 at this time, so so far so good :)

Elementalistly said...

Always gotta be one of you to throw THAT in ...and for YOU what is "good"?..(lol)

Anyways, I wanted to state...LU44 has shown some improvements to overall gameplay. Still makes me wonder how the 8800 and memory is playing into these issues. I assume the only fix here was the Large Address Aware fix...unless you wanna fill us in on a hidden secret.
My wifes 3870 loves the game though...so luckily I do not have HER yelling at me to fix the stuttering and freezing...hehe

It is not perfect yet, so do not rest on the laurels of a better experience...but, instead make EQ2 the game I keep shoving down everyones throat I meet...because it is THAT good...


Anonymous said...

I switched to Maximum last night and watched the VM creep just above 2GB without a problem. But even though the hardware held it fine at the same general frame rates as the lower qualities, the stuttering was unbearable and I had to take it back down to High. Donald (OP) was right.