16 April 2008

Latest news on the nVidia 8800 problem

We just did an update to our Test Server that has a new option for players suffering from the nVidia 8800 stuttering issue. The new option turns on a vertex buffer cache that will hold onto and reuse vertex and index buffers without trying to free them all the time.

We plan to hotfix this code live soon.

Incidentally, this Test update also has a fix for the Veeshan's Peak particle leak.


Elementalistly said...

And how does one go about turning this feature on? It does not seem to be in options anywhere or in the .ini files.
Maybe let us know here....


Anonymous said...

Good job on the fix. It seems to have improved performance.


Anonymous said...

Good job, it seem to be slightly better.

matthew: I think EQ2 supported dual-core for a few months, but they had a lot of issues with it so they disabled it again, iirc. Might be wrong, though.

Also, EQ2 is actually really poor optimised compared to other games, Crysis, so you will always get stuttering.

Elementalistly said...

Thanks for the update.
The game seems to be running well. I still see issues with any particle effects (slowdowns for spells when fired off, certain zones being quite slow)
I at least see the vertex option was added now, and the overall hiccups seems to be gone.
I just wish it ran better...as I just keep seeing varying problems, and I have to constantly tweak this or that option if I make even one change to settings in game...
Thanks for the work though...we greatly appreciate the efforts!

KC said...

((Great news! maybe I'll notice some performance improvements :) (i never really had trouble with my 8800 gts card though, but thats just me)