09 April 2007

Five things you [probably] don't know about me

... or care to.

Anyways, this was going around for a while. Even though no one tagged me I'm going to go ahead and dump this on you. Here goes:
  • I'm a Christian
  • At a young age I turned my life over to Christ. Christian apologetics are very interesting to me. Most people don't understand that it's possible to be an intellectual Christian, but there is amazing historical evidence of Christ, his life, death and resurrection. Christianity has given me pure joy and I attribute any success I have in life to Christ.

  • I'm a Creationist
  • This plays into the first point. Again, it's possible to be an intellectual Creationist. No matter what view of origins you hold, it's not observable, measurable or repeatable. It's a matter of faith. None the less, there are plenty of books and videos that support my point of view on the topic.

  • I've been lost
  • When I was in High School, a friend and I went hiking in the Gila Wilderness. After losing the trail due to snow melt and becoming hopelessly lost, we figured our position on the map as best we could and headed for the Gila River, ignoring those close topographical lines. We had to climb down huge cliffs and eventually had to abandon our equipment. My friend lost one of his boots as he was swept away in the Gila River. When we finally made it to a highway, we hitchhiked the 14 miles back to my car, which had a flat tire. This also plays into the first point as it strengthened my faith.

  • I prefer Country
  • Why? 'Cause it's songs about me. It's music I can listen to in the car with my kids around. It's old-fashioned values and unselfish people still helping each other. Now, if only Guitar Hero would actually come in a country version...

  • I have better-than-perfect vision
  • I have permission from my optometrist to brag on this. He was dismayed at not being able to sell me any glasses or contacts with my 20/15 vision in both eyes. This is amazing to me since my dad has always worn glasses, my younger brother is starting to wear them, and my mom has been wearing them for a few years now.


Sean said...

That was only 3.5 things I didn't know about you. ;)

MrTact said...

I have better-than-perfect vision
Enjoy it while you can, you young punk! Presbyopia gets us all in the end . . .