11 November 2009

Dr. Laura: Dr Jekyll and Mr. Video Gamer

Dr. Laura has a video blog about a man who plays video games for his down time:

Now, I actually enjoy reading most Dr. Laura articles. Her common-sense approach to most family psychology issues provides both entertainment and self-reflection.

However, sometimes she's just a little too old-fashioned for me. She seems to come off in this video as entirely anti-video-game. I'll grant that the guy mentioned in the video is acting like a complete idiot, but not all video games are bad. Consoles like the Wii consistently encourage family gameplay.

Maybe it's just because I'm in the video game industry, but if a guy wants to play video games for his downtime, that seems fine. Of course, you have to look at your priorities. Personally, family comes first. Always. I will usually sit down to play games after the rest of my family has turned in for the night. If the rest of the family is napping, occasionally my son and I will enjoy LEGO Star Wars or some other innocuous game.

Everything in moderation, but please don't demonize all video games because some idiot guy can't put down the controller and spend time with his family.


KC said...

lol right on Josh.

she just doesnt 'get it' lol

When i used to play eq2 pvp hardcore, any disruption to my concentration on the game resulted in no response, whereupon further disruptions may yield snapping or curt outbursts (if anything). If she so happened to cause me a pvp death... well... lets just say, she never did cause one *phew* I dont want to think about how that would have ended ;)

That being said, gamers are not well understood by 'old folks'.. she looks pretty old, *ducks* so that is my conclusion. ^_^

angstygaijin said...

I love how much people of the "Boomer generation" demonize us and the games we play, when they themselves were demonized in much the same way for something at the time called "Rock n' Roll".

Every generation is scared of anything new and unfamiliar, and will immediately blame anything wrong with any young person's behavior - normal or abnormal - on the new and unfamiliar thing. This goes back to Lieberman and Kohl and even further...to Death Race.

I played Mortal Kombat games as a child. I have an MKII cabinet in my basement. I graduated from a good school and have a decent job as a software developer. Politicians and media dogs blaming society's ills on gaming is obnoxious and stupid.