12 February 2009

LOGIN 2009

I'm going to be speaking at the LOGIN 2009 conference in Seattle this year:

Unfortunately, client crashes are bound to occur during the course of a live game. While prevention is definitely preferable, how quickly they are detected and resolved helps to form a positive opinion of the development team in the players’ minds. This session is a technical discussion surrounding generation, retrieval and processing of client crash logging. Though many concepts presented are fairly generic and may apply to other platforms and languages, examples will be given in C++ on the Windows platform.

Additionally, one of my programmers is also speaking:

This lecture will be a technical discussion about the Bayesian spam filtering solution used by various SOE MMOs to block over half a million spams per day per game. The lecture will discuss SOE spam filter implementation including what can be done beyond pure Bayesian filtering to help MMOs increase their filters accuracy and reduce feedback to the spammers. We will cover the general theory behind the filter, as well as the mathematical theory behind it and real-world examples of how it is working today.

Be sure to stop by and visit our lectures if you're going to LOGIN 2009 this year!