19 November 2008

The Shadow Odyssey

Well, the launch was a success! As I promised, I tweeted (through my twitter account) the happenings of launch day as they occurred. Here's the full compilation:
  • 11/17 2:19am: Final green-light from QA regarding EQII:TSO is in. Critical mass building... Later today we'll be staging the code to all the servers.
  • 11/17 9:46am: At work on the day before EQII:TSO launches. Feels like i didn't get a weekend. Oh wait, that would be because I didn't. :)
  • 11/17 10:16am: Wow, 15 minute leads meeting. I think that's the fastest it has ever been #shadowodyssey
  • 11/17 2:26pm: Leaving the office now and returning at 3am. Requests to have the Ops dept bring servers down at 12am have been set. cya@3! #shadowodyssey
  • 11/17 6:57pm: I better hop in game and finish the D.I.R.T.Y. Quests before midnight! #shadowodyssey
  • 11/18 3:05am: *yawn* 3am. Servers came down at 12am and back up running TSO at about 12:45am. QA doing smoke tests now (will be a while) #shadowodyssey
  • 11/18 3:09am: i'm patching up now. luckily, I sneakily pre-copied all the expansion assets from the patcher (yay for being internal) #shadowodyssey
  • 11/18 3:28am: Unbeknownst to most, Vivox is using the opportunity of all of EQII being down to do some voice chat maintenance #shadowodyssey
  • 11/18 5:24am: Smoke test on production servers is going great. Vivox maintenance is done. #shadowodyssey
  • 11/18 6:17am: QA still testing strong. Platform QA is testing to make sure that production keys can be consumed properly. Getting closer! #shadowodyssey
  • 11/18 7:29am: Breakfast brought in. QA is still testing strong. Funny to see everyone queued up on the login servers. Getting closer... #shadowodyssey
  • 11/18 [8am]: And We're Live! Devs are on the server (incognito) playtesting and reporting any issues. #shadowodyssey is smooth so far! [twitter was down at 8am]
  • 11/18 10:11am: I (and other EQII team members) are running around Moors of Ykesha on various servers doing quests. Enjoying the expansion! #shadowodyssey
  • 11/18 11:37am: Reports of a few minor issues with the broker. We're looking into them. #shadowodyssey
  • 11/18 1:55pm: Been here 11 hours (and counting). May head to the launch party. Some minor issues with Ykesha, but I made some tweaks #shadowodyssey
  • 11/18 2:40pm: Almost 12 hours here. Heading to the launch party and then home for some Zzzz. /yawn. Great launch so far! #shadowodyssey
  • 11/18 4:59pm: Enjoyed seeing @tenamdar and others at the #shadowodyssey launch party! It was a very smooth launch. Now: sleep!
We really enjoyed working on this expansion! Enjoy!


Rosie : ) said...

It has been a joy to have it! I was very happy to see it updating on launch day. :)

Mikul said...

Having the servers up early, really did catch alot of people out. Considering every year we've been use to extension deadlines extending over and over. Basically you (the team) nailed it this year and hopefully it will aid in all future large scale moves. Oh and also kick the other teams in SoE to perform as well ;)

Anonymous said...
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