01 July 2008

More EQII/nVidia news

If you're still having trouble with EverQuest II and your nVidia 8800, rest assured that we haven't forgotten about you.

In my talking points on the subject in the past, you'll note that we added a feature called "Reuse Vertex Buffers" that seems to alleviate the problem for some folks. However, it doesn't completely fix the issues that EverQuest II (and other games) are having.

We're currently working with nVidia specifically on this problem and are currently testing out some super-top-secret-internal-only-penalty-of-death drivers in our compatibility lab with high hopes. I'll keep you posted when I hear more.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your efforts. Its nice to see continued effort to improve the game!

Anonymous said...

Agreed, thank you for determining the effort. Personally, though, i think that the engine just needs an overhaul. It is too CPU dependant. You need to offload some work to the GPU and then our 8800GTX's will truly rock. :)

Anonymous said...

So i have an 8800gtx and I'm still getting
The same results is there a new update? Anything still happening with this or can I just not play. Any info is appreciated

Anonymous said...

I have an 8800 and am still having this issue 3 years later any word on that new fix??