22 June 2008

EQII Voice Chat - almost here!

A while back I posted an intro about SOE's new relationship with Vivox in order to bring Voice Chat to EverQuest II and the rest of the SOE lineup of games.

As I write this I'm at work (yes, on a Sunday) to fix up a few outstanding issues in order to try and get Voice Chat working on our Test Server early this week.

Myself and Rothgar have been slaving away to bring this feature to fruition for EverQuest II. Recently we've been recruiting people inside SOE to try out the integrated Voice Chat in our awesome brand-spanking-new Usability Lab. It's been enlightening and caused us to rethink a few things about the UI before going to the Test server (plus it's rather humbling when watching someone's facial expressions when dealing with your code).

I also wrote up a Featurette on the EverQuest II forums to build some buzz (with screenshots!). Apparently Massively liked my writeup too, so that was cool.

We've been working to make the integration of our voice chat seamless with features like lowering the game volume when you or other people are talking in voice chat, speaking indicators on the Raid and Group windows, ability to invite into Guild, Raid and Group channels, and more! I can't wait for you to try it out! :)


Anonymous said...

I had my character copied over to test specifically to help test this out. I'm rather excited about it so thank you for all the hard work!

Oasis player

Barx Atthemoon, Warden of Tunare said...

Wow. That looks awesome -- it looks like you guys are taking all the best parts of voice chat and putting them in game. Things like who's talking (and the ability to only show who, and in a transparent overlay window).

Let there be cookies, and much celebrating.