13 November 2007

This! Is! Kunark!

We on the EQ2 team are launching our Rise of Kunark expansion today. I'll periodically edit this post with updates. If all goes well, this should be a very boring read. :)

8am - Gah, too early. They brought in breakfast which is greatly appreciated. We also just received our Rise of Kunark boxes and I registered my RoK keys for the live servers. Servers are receiving the RoK publish package and everyone is trying to patch.

10:30am - I finally got patched up. Servers are still locked (and will be for a while while QA continues to get patched up and runs tests). Besides some slowness with patching, there's no problems to report yet. Back to work trying to get the client to use less memory!

Noon - The community people have come by to take my picture a couple times. Maybe I'll be famous! Or not. They'll probably post a picture on eq2players.com or something. Due to overloaded patchers, we had to extend the downtime to 2 pm.

1:30pm - It's getting close. A quick check of the IRC channels show that the unlock is imminent. QA appears to have signed off and the operations group is preparing to let the players in. Now the real fun starts. We'll watch the performance and hope that all of our hard work payed off.

2:15pm - Everything is going well. Servers have been live and unlocked for 45 minutes now and everything looks great. I'm on-call for any emergencies that might crop up, but everything looks great for now!

Turns out they wanted pics for an interview. In French.

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