27 October 2007

Let's Rock!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that Redoctane shipped my Guitar Hero 3 bundle yesterday and it was delivered today! Not bad for a game that is supposed to be released this coming Sunday.

As you can imagine, I tore into it almost as soon as I could.

Quick Review:
The actually like the new UI. The wireless Les Paul guitar is awesome (after losing the wireless when going from PS2 -> XBOX360, it's great to have it back) and feels more solid, plus the strum bar is quieter. Better still, it works great with Guitar Hero II. I thought that battle mode was going to suck, but it's actually a lot of fun. The online play is great. I played (and won) some random Pro Face-Off matches and then hooked up with a friend to play Pro Face-Off and Battle Mode matches. For better or worse, the achievements are much harder to get, and there are a lot that involve co-op career mode (yeah, it's a new feature too).

All in all, I'd say Activision did very well with the latest installment. It'll keep me entertained for quite a while!

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